Love Languages

Background & Philosophy

I decided to set up this website after realising how much I enjoyed offering live lessons to students during the latest lockdown and seeing the great progress that could be made through online learning. I have enjoyed exploring what is possible with today's technology - and I want to keep exploring that after this current lockdown ends.

I have always enjoyed helping and assisting others and since beginning my career in teaching about five years ago - this passion has continued to grow. Originally just a German teacher - I have been expanding my knowledge by continuing to improve my knowledge of French and gaining a Teaching English as a Foreign Language qualification.

I have attended many language classes as an adult and in my opinion lessons often rely too much on the intrinsic motivation of adults and can therefore be a bit dry. Observers of my lessons always comment on how my use of technology, active learning strategies and sense of humour help to engage students in the classroom. By using these same strategies on those who are often more intrinsically motivated you will have fun and learn with Andrew.