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Hello, I am Andrew and welcome to Love Languages. Check out what German and English as Foreign Language courses are currently available. 

For German I offer adult complete beginner and improver courses - the sessions are an hour long, once a week and run for five weeks and are conducted via Zoom with a maximum of 10 participants. I also offer private tuition for both German and English to help children and adults. You should get in touch to arrange a free 10 minute non-committal consultation so we can discuss your language needs.

I am now offering both face-to-face support for school age pupils (primary and secondary) and Zoom support for pupils a little further afield. Support ranges from tutoring and delivering lessons for Modern Languages (German and/or French) to English reading and writing development to enhance their literacy skills. I can also be there to assist with homeschooling or homework across a range of subjects and to help avoid distractions.

If you have any questions or queries please get in touch! To learn more about me and my background please click here. I am happy to hear any suggestions or feedback on the website or the courses offered.